Top Earning Actors of All Time

When it comes to Hollywood actors, what immediately comes to mind is the number of earnings that they get from the films that they make. They are famous, that is why they earn more. But what is not being said here is the amount of effort, struggle, and pain that they had to go through to reach their pinnacle of success. Tech blogs have been written about these actors and their movies. Website visitors have come and gone in watching and reviewing their acting chops. But whatever the evaluation of these actors, they were paid pretty handsomely on these films.

Keanu Reeves- The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions

keanuThe first movie of the Matrix garnered both critical and box office success that it made Warner Bros. and the Wachowski brothers create two more films as sequels to the movie. Starring Keanu Reeves as the one, he led his co-stars Laurence Fishburn and Carrie-Ann Moss in this mind-boggling and action-packed roller-coaster of a movie. Keanu Reeves earned around $100 million in part of the percentage that he gets from the earnings of the film.

Bruce Willis- The Sixth Sense

WillisWho would have thought that a movie about ghosts will give Bruce Willis his highest paycheck? His original salary for the movie is around $14 million. But his earnings of the ticket sales of the movies has made him a very rich man- around $100 million richer.

Willis co-stars with Haley Joel Osment as the boy who sees ghosts. If you have not seen the movie yet, then look away because this is a spoiler. Willis was thought to be a therapist who is treating Cole Sear, Osment’s character. But in the end, he was seen as having blood dripping from his side. He was already dead for almost the whole duration of the movie.

Tom Cruise- Mission Impossible 2

Coming from a widely successful Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise suited up as Ethan Hunt as the ever-reliable super-spy in the highly anticipated Mission Impossible 2. It was directed by John Woo. Combining both good cinematography and art in a movie, Mission Impossible 2 was recognized critically because of the action sequences and the direction of the movie.