When it comes to entertainment, you always want to be updated. You want to hear the news first. Each second counts when celebrities, artists, actors and actresses, and performers are being talked about. It is much like an Amsterdam holiday that you want to be in every day. You will never have enough news and views of your favorite actors and actresses.

People have always searched for a channel that can provide a whole day full of entertainment shows, television series, and documentaries about popular actors and actresses. If website visitors of entertainment sites paid, you will be earning a lot of top money.

Celebrities’ lives are very vibrant. You will always find something funny, amazing, or great in the lives of these seemingly unreachable stars. But they are all people, too. They may earn a lot more than the usual fellow next to you. They may look breathtaking to the eyes of the ordinary. People might find themselves staring at the beauty of their physique or the symmetry of their bodies. But all in all, they are still normal people with likes and dislikes. They have various interests. They have hobbies and preferences. And they also want to take vacations. They are done by celebrities. And we know that we are interested in all of their activities and happenings in their lives.

Star TV

We are a nationwide entertainment and lifestyle television channel in Belgium. The network is funded and produced by the company Newscom because of the potential that the channel presents not only to the bigwigs of the business but also to the fans of celebrities. This is why Star TV was officially launched in February of 2011. It was a splendid evening full of fun and excitement. You can count on Star TV to create shows that will truly maximize the airwaves to show the followers of different celebrities a variety of versions of their favorite characters.

Television shows

We have a wide variety of television shows for all sorts of fans and website visitors. We have talk shows that are hosted by your favorite celebrities. See the different actors and actresses discuss their shows and movies. Let them be in fun games and compete with each other.

We have lifestyle shows that feature the lives of artists behind the camera. See their favorite restaurants and the food that they love. Check out their homes that they go to whenever they just want to relax and get away from all the cameras in the world. See what they are up to during summer and their vacations. These are shows that highlight the lives of these celebrities aside from the movies and television shows that they make.

From local artists to international icons, we have them all for you. Be fully satisfied with a daily dose of news about upcoming movies and shows both here and abroad. We cover news anywhere you like it. And you will always be the first to know about it because we all bring them hot and as early as we can.

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