Places in Europe where Celebrities Go

When you plan your vacation, you always want it to be in places where a lot of famous go to. It is just a natural feeling that we have when we plan our itinerary especially if you are going to tourist spots that are not so near your area. Europe is a place where most of our website visitors plan on visiting this year. And it is a nice tourist destination, indeed. But where do celebrities go to Europe to spend their vacations?


Amalfi Coast in Italy

If you have never experienced being taken out of breath because of the beauty that is in front of yourself, then you have to go to Amalfi Coast. It is located in Italy and it is one of the most beautiful coastlines that you will ever see and find in Europe and probably, in the entire world. It is a UNESCO heritage site, meaning it is maintained and taken care of by the country where it is in. You can go mountain climbing as you take a look at the coastline of Italy. You can dine and eat sumptuous meals while you are overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Experience Italy in a whole new way by booking a flight to the Amalfi Coast.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

amsterdamIf you dream of a romantic stay in Europe, then a great vacation to do it is in Amsterdam. Schedule a month-long Amsterdam holiday doing taking a walk along the busy streets and enjoying the scenery that the city has to offer. Go to an Amsterdam bike rental and experience Netherlands the way a local would do it- on a bicycle. And do not leave the Netherlands unless you have gone to an Amsterdam canal tour. See the remarkable infrastructure that has been built decades ago.

IbizaIbiza in Spain

If you want to stay on an island, you have got to choose Ibiza in Spain. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea just off the eastern coast of Spain. Like the Amalfi Coast, it is also one of the UNESCO heritage sites. If you love the nightlife, you should be here on this island. The local government is continuing to improve the place to accommodate more tourists and visitors.